IKG START-UP CAPITAL is comprised of twenty individual members who are successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, venture capitalists and private equity investors. Our members have extensive African and international experience, as well as in-depth expertise across a range of industries (healthcare/biotech, clean tech, real estate, retail/consumer products, manufacturing, legal and financial services). However, what gives us an edge over other groups is that our members are committed to active involvement in deal sourcing, due diligence and ongoing mentoring of portfolio companies, rather than simply making a passive investment.


Investment amounts/requirements: our members generally make individual investments from R 250 000 to R 500 000 per deal, and R 1million to R 5 million as a group. We typically seek to lead the funding round and obtain a seat on the Board of Directors.

  1. Candidates must have a track record of founding, managing and building successful businesses as entrepreneurs, investors or operating executives
  2. The candidates must commit to being an active member of the Group, attending monthly meetings and identifying and evaluating investment opportunities
  3. The candidates must commit to investing R 250 000 and participate in at least one transaction per year

Ideally the candidates should be based in countries where we operate. Those candidates who can add significant value to the Group, but who are not based in Africa or the vicinity of our operations, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Membership in IKG START-UP CAPITAL is by invitation only. Candidates must meet all the membership criteria listed below, have references from at least two existing members and be approved by the Steering Committee (“SC”). After submitting a complete application, the candidate may be invited to meet with at least two SC members. Final admission will be subject to a unanimous vote by the SC. Generally, a decision is made within ten days of the meetings with the SC members.

Each candidate must complete an application form (including a recent resumé) and read/accept our Code of Conduct. To apply, please contact our membership department: contact@ikgstart-upcapital.com

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