IKG Talks

These talks are monthly business seminars for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, business executives and managers. Unlike many seminars where professional speakers are hired without real life experience to advise entrepreneurs, we believe the road is better known by those who have travelled it, so our start-up talks are led by various successful entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives who have worked closely with start-ups.

Our interactive seminars cover topics that are mostly related to matters affecting start-ups: starting a business right, is starting a business the right decision, choosing the type of business to start, passion–to- business, principles of growing a business, recruiting, managing your managers, sales, growth strategies, general operations, business development, finance and exit strategies. The talks also provide a great opportunity to network and make connections with like-minded people.


The events will take place on the last Thursday of each month at IKG-START UP CAPITAL Conference Room Two.