The Entrepreneur Boot Camp is an intensive programme designed for individuals seeking to think and act more entrepreneurially. Whether you are an entrepreneur attempting to create a start-up or an executive working on an internal venture, this programme provides the tools you need for starting a business. Boot Camp teaches an efficient and proven method to validate business concepts. The programme is designed for entrepreneurs who are prepared to assess and validate the feasibility of their business concept, build a business model and find beta customers. Not only will entrepreneurs conceptually learn this method, they will also get hands-on assistance in using this method to test ideas over an intense multi-week programme, which includes interaction with multiple mentors and early-stage investors.

Who is Entrepreneur Boot Camp for:

  • Early-stage companies interested in a process to grow their business effectively and validate their business model
  • Management teams with at least one full-time person dedicated to the company and two team members attending the camp
  • Entrepreneurs with technology-driven products/services, especially with defensible intellectual property

The programme includes:

  • A four-week intensive programme held on Saturdays
  • Two-hour on-site presentations and working groups
  • Mentorship
  • Post-camp coaching and celebration sessions on a quarterly basis

Boot Camp is a great business resource designed to help launch your business by shortening the time required to attract capital, customers and other resources.

How will Boot Camp help you?

You’ll learn how to refine your business model, solidify your target market and work one-on-one with experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors and business executives. A seasoned IKG START-UP CAPITAL member will select and match you with mentors who will assist you in reaching milestones for your start-up, as well as share resources in your industry and areas of need with you.

Networking and Connections

Boot Camp is an opportunity to dramatically grow your network. Highly accomplished entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders who want to help entrepreneurs participate in Boot Camp, and this provides you with numerous opportunities to establish relationships with them.


The events will take place at GIBS Business School and at the Glenhove Conference Centre.